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Motor Body Co., Inc.
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    Motor Body Company in service since 1938.
    Offering a Range of Services
    By Nick Alongi

    In 2008, Motorbody Company was selected to compete in a national competition for service excellence for AAA members. We were awarded the Service Providers of Excellence Gold Award by placing first in this national competition.

    Motor Body is one of AAA largest high quality service providers in California. We also provide towing services for the City of San Jose assisting the San Jose Police Department and its citizens. In addition we offer AAA Battery Service. The Battery Service allows us to provide a new kind of service for our customers. Motor Body Company has six Battery Service vehicles that can come out to your disabled location and diagnose your cars battery. The operator can then remove and replace the battery at that time or provide service to get the vehicle running again. The price and warranty for this service competes with or beats the price of new battery installation at repair shops.

    See the following links below for some helpful information:

    City of San Jose Police Department (SJPD)

    American Automobile Association (AAA)

    California Highway Patrol (CHP)

    Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department






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