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    By Nick Alongi

    We are particularly proud that we have created a career path for managers in an industry known for high turnover. Our stable management structure has been key to keeping excellent customer service a core value at Motor Body Company. Two of our Managers are responsible for the direct supervision of tow drivers including scheduling, training and personnel issues. Our other two Managers oversee our storage yard facilities, lien sale process, dispatching, and customer service issues. All managers have been cross-trained and are qualified to fill in for one other when required. This cross-training has been key in creating a seamless experience for customers in our 24 hour-a-day business.

    Ray is our General Manager and has worked for Motor Body Company for more than 13 years. Ray oversees all operational aspects of our business. Ray loves to go hunting, and is a big Oakland Raiders fan. Ray loves a good coversation and always has something to contribute.  


    John is our Operations Manager and has been with Motor Body Company for over 24 years. He started out as a driver and worked his way into one of our management positions. John is very knowledgeable in several aspects of our business. John has got a great sense of humor that compliments his managment experience.

    Jarome Iginla

    Fred has been with the company for over 13 years. Fred manages our yard and vehicle lien sale as well as several other functions within Motor Body Company. If you have a question about the vehicle lien sale, Fred is your man! Fred enjoys playing in a softball league. He also enjoys hunting and fishing. Jarome Iginla

    Dave has been with the Motor Body Company over 13 years. He handles driver managment and paperwork for our sister company, Alongi Brothers Inc. Dave and his wife both work for Motor Body Company.

    Jarome Iginla


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